Posted February 20, 2015 at 7:25 pm

★ Notes on Year 2, Comic 9 – Parse – Part III ★

✓ I made a list of these a while ago:

- Kent “Second Best Flip Cup Player At Samwell University” Parson

- Kent “You May Not Know Who I Am, But You’ll Want A Selfie With Me” Parson

- “Kent "Swiggity Swooty” Parson

- Kent “Looks At Jack and Says Hah Do He Got Booty? Oh God He Has Too Much Booty Abort Abort” Parson 

- Kent “#Hauswrecker” Parson (x)

- Kent “Has Dreams About Jack Zimmermann, Which Are Bookmarks In A Detailed Catalog Of Ways To Make Jack Question His Self Worth” Parson

✓ I’m. More confused than ever. *sweats*

✓ So Parse *is* a dick? Okay, but was all the stuff Shitty said true, then? Were Jack’s previous reactions a response to the way Parse had treated him before? Or is Jack actually insecure and jealous? Does Parse know about Jack’s anxiety? Does Parse miss Jack? Does Jack miss Parse? Is there still something there? These are all good questions.

✓ Dear God, why do I even read these blog posts??? For the vague hintings of course!

✓ Kenny??????????????????? You know when it’s the last summer of your childhood and you’re just hanging with your bro and you’re smoothing out his cowlick and you fondly call him Kenny while trying not to think about how mercilessly cruel fate is lol you know bros being bros


Step One: Clean My Kitchen

— Eric Bittle (@omgcheckplease) December 14, 2014

Behold! How Eric Bittle deals with/completely avoids his problems.

OH BUT WAIT ETA! A day (ish) after #Epikegster and right before Jack goes home for Winter Break:

Okay, Jack & Shitty are fixing to head out. I’m going on a very dangerous mission. Wish me luck.

— Eric Bittle (@omgcheckplease) December 15, 2014

And now to wait… 🍪

— Eric Bittle (@omgcheckplease) December 15, 2014

Text from Jack: i’m surprised your cookies got through customs Bittle (â—¡ ‿ â—¡ ) He found them.

— Eric Bittle (@omgcheckplease) December 16, 2014

Eric “You May Never Want To Talk About What Happened, But I Can Wait, And I Want You Know That My Unconditional Love Comes Standard” Bittle

✓ Number of times I drew Parse at #EpiKegster in Parse I, II, and III: Three.

✓ Number of games of Catan I played during Parse I, II, and II: 135

Up next: Parse IV. Haha HA Oh GOD JUST KIDDING, 

Up next: Shinny! (???)