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☆Check Please! In Other Languages!☆


EXTRAS - illustrations and other comics for the slice-of-lifey part of CP!
BLOG - esoteric CP! info and comic updates!
JOHNSON THE METAPHYSICAL GOALIE - sup it’s Johnson!! lol i’m aware of my own fictionality haha

☆ FAQS ☆

Frequently Asked Questions

☆ When does Check, Please! update? For the time being, every other month with multiple updates!

☆ I can’t follow Bitty’s Twiiter? It’s locked. @omgcheckplease still has MAJOR spoilers for Eric Bittle’s junior year. For Year 3, I’ll be posting tweets on this blog (#tweets) until the twitter opens up later in Bitty’s junior year. An incredible fan has put together a blog with most of the tweets organized at omgeverything.tumblr.com

☆ I missed the kickstarter–Where/how do I purchase merchandise? Your online store is out of stock–will you be selling certain merchandise online again? When?  

  • Merch is available at conventions and “when in stock” online. I’ll definitely announce when preorder events are happening on this blog!
  • Unfortunately, the Year One kickstarter print run has completely sold out! It will be reprinted in 2017. Year Two does not yet exist in book/PDF form; the Year Two kickstarter will be in 2017. 

☆ Can I draw fanart based on this comic? Can I write fanfiction? Can I use the art in graphics? Translations? Um, YES! Fanart: of course! New artistic interpretations of Check, Please! are awesome! Fanfiction: yes, wow, but please label it with disclaimers, if you weren’t planning to already.  Graphics: OK if it’s icons or headers. Translations: are fine as well!

☆ Can I sell Check, Please merchandise? Can I sell merchandise with the comic’s logo or “Samwell hockey” on it? Can I make things for myself? No, you cannot sell things. Yes, make things for yourself. Thanks!

☆ What about cosplay? Cosplay is great!

☆ I like to know what happens in stories I read. Will you tell me what will happen or tag things? I don’t label everything. I will tag for non-sports related violence and anxiety, end of list. The content of this blog ranges from G to R. If anything upsets you, please don’t read the comic!

☆ Whoo-hoo! Thank you for reading! ☆