Posted February 14, 2017 at 9:00 pm

☆ Eric Bittle’s January AND February Tweets! (PDF)

Happy Birthday, Derek Nurse.  It kind of makes sense he was born on February 14th, 1996?

The above is a link to a PDF of tweets from @omgcheckplease​ (which is currently on private to avoid spoilers)! 

Notes on the tweets!

- I made graphics this time!

- Spoilers! Wow, I guess Tater knows who Eric Bittle is and the source of Jack’s pies and hockey-improving sandwiches? How did the Bitty reveal go down, I wonder?

- Correction: Of course, Nursey knows who JOHNSON is, come on. *sighs heavily since you can’t really edit tweets.* Tweets are like a stack structure that’s time sensitive.

- Even if two tweets were posted on the same day there might have been hours between them…It’s cumbersome to copy/paste every time stamp, but Bitty tends to tweet in bursts. And when he’s bored. And when the group chat is particularly vicious. 

- The team is getting a new manager!

- Just what all did Jack Zimmemrann do on Valentine’s Day in 2016?

- And I know, I wish the… links worked too. Falconers Faceoffs!!

Hmm. How well do these tweets line up with the comic? I’d say that most of these events happened in late February and early march? But the Year Three timeline is all over the place at this point, so *waves hands*.

There are moments/events in the tweets (which I did in real-time during my own life) that probably won’t match up chronologically, or that I wish I could go back in revise. Because of the nature of the platform, editing is pretty difficult. (Though I did take out/edit some tweets in the PDF.)

Is the comic caught up to the Twitter yet? Not yet, nope! We’re so close though. Bitty’s tweets were in real time and I cannot draw as fast as he tweets! For more info on Bitty’s Twitter check out the FAQ.

Will you be sharing more tweets! Yes! March, April, May, June…some very exciting months coming up!

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