Posted November 9, 2016 at 12:40 pm

- More sketches. Exploring some ideas/characters, though I’m not sure how much of this will even end up in the comic. But, I wanted share. 

- I’ve never shown the front of Thirdy and Marty’s uniforms in the comics! They’ve been alternate captains this entire time, though. Marty got the A before Thirdy did, but Marty’s been on the Falcs slightly longer and is slightly older. Marty’s 35 and Thirdy’s 34. (Tater: haha old guys.)

- Every season, Marty says he’s going to start wearing a visor, but you know hockey players and their superstitions. (”It’s, uh, a bit of a point of contention between me and Gabby. I know, I know, safety safety. Ya know my grandpa played in a league where they didn’t even have to wear helmets?”) With Thirdy, however, long story short–he got married. His wife carefully curated several articles worth of convincing players safety research. Then, she presented them matter-of-factly. The tenuous excuses of “superstitions” and “I’ve never been hit before” and “well if ya get a stick to the eyeball were you even paying attention” really couldn’t hold up against the data.

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