Posted October 20, 2016 at 7:00 pm

☆ Eric Bittle’s November 2015 Tweets! (PDF)

The above is a link to a PDF of tweets from @omgcheckplease​ (which is currently on private to avoid spoilers)!

Oh MAN! New info! Yeah! These tweets reference events in the comic that have already been drawn. Since November 2015 has passed in Bitty’s life these tweets aren’t too spoilery! And again, I’m super excited to share this info with you!

Hmm. How well do these tweets line up with the comic? Pretty closely? For the most part.There are moments/events in the tweets (which I did in real-time during my own life) that probably won’t match up chronologically, or that I wish I could go back in revise. Because of the nature of the platform, editing is pretty difficult.

Is the comic caught up to the Twitter yet? Not yet, unfortunately. A lot still has to happen in the comic. Bitty’s tweets were in real time and I cannot draw as fast as he tweets! For more info on Bitty’s Twitter check out the FAQ.

Will you be sharing more tweets! Yes, but not for some time! November is actually around the time the last updates took place.

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