Posted October 9, 2016 at 9:57 pm

Bitty set the slice of pie down on the kitchen table and patted Dex’s shoulder. “Thank you so much, Dex! Everyone’s been avoiding laundry for weeks and–how do I put this–it’s starting to affect the general ambiance.”

“Why do you fix stuff if you hate it so much?” asked Nursey. He was loitering around the freshly cut pumpkin pie sitting on the counter.

Dex dug into his slice and frowned. “Because when something’s broken you fix it. Also? I don’t hate it.”

“Well…You did have a pretty big scowl on your face when you came up the stairs,” offered Bitty gently.

“Tuh,” said Nursey.

Dex shrugged. “I was actually very happy I got the dryer to work. I guess I was confused as to how I got it to work. It’s so beat up. Like, did you guys use to throw kegsters in the basement?

“It’s okay if it’s for Dibs, Poindexter,” said Nursey. Somehow he had procured a pie slice.

“It’s not,”said Dex.

But he was already out in the foyer. “I mean, seriously, we all do stuff for Dibs. Thanks, Bitty!”

Tags: art, prose