Posted June 29, 2014 at 2:45 pm

A message from miyedoench

Yo, Holster, talk me some 30Rock. Liz or Jenna? Sad it ended? Opinions on clear dishwashers? Do you have a GE trivection oven—if not, do you want one? Any other shows you watch, like, recommend? Ever been to NBC Studios—taken the tour, skated outside it in winter, etc.? How would you like a Tracy Jordan talking bobble head? Does your fridge contain nightcheese? What do you think about Cleveland? Is there anyone you would wolf your Teamster sub for?

Holster grabs Ransom by the shoulders. “Ransom!! Dude! Cheers marathon? Just like back when we were frogs?”

“I would literally rather inject Cholula into my asshole.”