15: Christmas In Madison II

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Posted October 15, 2019 at 1:20 pm


? Notes on Year 4, Comic 15 - Christmas in Madison II ?

? ? ? NOTES ? ? ?

? THIS IS MY JAM!! Oh, is it? Bitty doesn’t need his parents’ acceptance, but he wants it, and because this is Check, Please!, there is a warm broiling conflict (not like, scorching or skin-burning boiling conflict) until Bitty finally gets what he wants. That’s, like, how this story kinda goes. Bitty gets things. If that’s not YOUR jam, then fair enough. Sometimes things aren’t your jam. Examples of things that MIGHT NOT ALSO be your jam: 

  • the jam your son has been making and sending to his NHL player friends. 
  • the jam that Alicia and Bob Zimmermann supposedly rave over, which you assumed was your classic recipe and were bragging about at church as recently as last Sunday
  • the jam that you saw your son making in all of those Facetime videos and now you finally get why he was so damn cagey about showing you what was going on in that kitchen
  • All of these things MIGHT NOT BE YOUR JAM

? … 

? Will we ever get a full explanation of this Jam Stuff? I can’t even talk about it.

? I thought Coach was gonna say something like “If you hurt my child, I’ll hurt YOU” or “Don’t go breaking juniors heart now…or else.” Lol, no. Coach is still adjusting to all this Jack stuff but he thinks it’s good that Junior is hanging out with the guy. Jack’s pretty decent. Hard worker. He’s a good man. Weird how all this gay stuff has made Junior act more assertive and confident all of a sudden. 


Guess Jack’s good for him.

?Up Next: Christmas In Madison III and the end of Year Four Fall Semester. We’re moving on to the last semester of Check, Please!

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