14: Christmas In Madison I

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Posted September 20, 2019 at 12:30 pm


A partial interpretation of facial expressions seen in this update

When Suzanne hugs Jack so hard his back cracks:
Jack: I’m flattered and scared and loved and in pain

When Jack meets Coach for the first time as Bitty’s boyfriend
Bitty: Carefully monitoring his mother’s actions, suspicious
Suzanne: Concerned that Jack feels welcomed!! And loved!! And unmicroaggressed!!
Coach: saw Jack’s game and is telling Jack that he saw his game
Jack: what’s bitty’s dad’s name again? try calling him all of them

Jack, while watching Bitty and his mom fight about whether or not Jack will sleep in Bitty’s room
Jack: hahaha maybe i got hit with a puck and am actually passed out at center ice in Arizona

Bitty: –involved??? Involvement?! How could she know anything about involvement?! I’ve never been involved in my life!! And if I were they’re MY INVOLVEMENTS. MINE AND JACK’S!! SEX?? WHY on EARTH is my mother talking about my private fornication in front of my EXTREMELY POLITE BOYFRIEND. WHO TOLD HER WE WERE INVOLVED
Jack: maybe i got hit with two pucks

? Hi. Hello! I love comics because only in this sacred medium can one capture the most embarrassing moments with line and color. Behold, art.


Pictured above: my first sketch of Suzanne jumping in between Jack and Coach’s handshake.

I’ve been wanting to write this meet-the-parents nonsense for years and I’m SO HAPPY I finally get to share this comic. HERE IT IS….THE CHAOS OF THE BITTLES. And “Christmas in Madison” has two more parts. Can Bitty survive his mother’s lapse in sensibility? Can Jack survive Rick Bittle’s fatherly trials???

Tune in next time!

Up Next: Christmas In Madison II :^)


New York Comic Con - Hey folks! I'll be at New York Comic Con this year, sitting at Table G-36. Please drop by so that I can sign your books and talk to you about these hockey people!! ALSO, I will be giving the keynote speech at the New York Public Library on October 3rd, opening the day of NYCC professional programming there. If you're a librarian or an educator, you should definitely go!

Bitty Wins An Ignatz! - Check, Please! won Outstanding Comic at the Small Press Expo's Ignatz Awards last weekend!


Chirpbook? - If you haven't noticed, @omgcheckplease has been tweeting again recently. All the images that Bitty is tweeting are going into a project I'm calling the Chirpbook. This book will take 900 of Bitty's best tweets and shall include brand new images. I'M VERY HYPED FOR THIS PROJECT.

And finally this:

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Posted June 29, 2023 at 3:24 pm

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