8: Haus 2.0

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Posted November 29, 2018 at 2:45 pm


  •  These idiots. *Puts hand over my heart* I love Derek Nurse and William Poindexter. Every time I get to write about their sitcom shenanigans, the child in me relishes. As it turns out, Nursey is well-meaning though dangerously un-self-aware, and Dex values order and might be a bit over-sensitive. *dreamy sigh* The imperfect duo.
  • Who is the poor roommate living in Haus 2.0? Listen, the Boston housing market is a nightmare that benefits no one. Imagine being a poor grad student, moving across the country, and reading a quirky though ultimately benign Craigslist ad. Samwell? Harvard? Artist?? Pie? These people sound hardworking but not dull. The location is amazing, rent is good, and you talked to some guy named Justin on the phone. This should be perfect.

Private Room (Unfurnished)

Basement Room @ Great Price

Bathroom shared with 2 roommates.

Current roommates are four ambitious Samwell graduates. One Harvard Law student, an artist, two consultants. We enjoy having a good time (Must be motherfucking Down to motherfucking Clown.) but work hard as we play. There will always be pie.

Ransom: hm, is that clown line really necessary

Shitty: *sitting in Ruth Bader Ginsburg boxers in the living room playing mario kart* yES

Up Next: Whiskey.


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How's working on Year Four? It's good!! As I noted in this post, I need to work ahead on the comic. I basically need to draw out the whole dang thing. I'll be posting progress on 4.9 - “Whiskey” in December. (And on Pillowfort but that site is SLAMMED right now.)

And that's it for me! Thank you guys for holding on tight. I'm working hard on getting pages out!!