21: Last Dance

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Posted March 3, 2020 at 12:00 pm


Will I See You On Tour?

  • I’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con 2020 at Table P7. I’ll also be doing the keynote speech for ECCC’s professional programming, so if you have a PROFESSIONAL BADGE, stop by the Seattle Public Library. 

  • I’ll also be at TeenBookCon AND the Texas Library Association’s Annual Conference, both of these events are in Houston, TX.
  • And from there??? TRAVEL. Check out ngoziu.com/events for more information.
  • The Pre-Order Push for Sticks & Scones continues! Pre-ordering a book shows a publisher that people are excited for an author’s story. Going to independent bookstores, heading to your local comic book store, and even chatting with librarians in your community—all of this helps! Ask them to stock up on Check, Please! So that you can grab a copy.

Posted June 29, 2023 at 3:24 pm

Coming in 2024!

BUNT!: Striking Out On Financial Aid (First Second)

BARDA (DC COMICS) (available for pre-order this fall)

Check, Please! might be completed, but I've got two books coming out in 2024!

BUNT! is the story of art students who must win one game of softball in order to get athletic scholarships. It is illustrated by the incredible Mad Rupert and will hit bookshops in February of 2024.

BARDA is the story of a warrior who serves an evil tyrant, who falls in love with a prisoner she was ordered to torture. It will be available for pre-order this fall and hits bookshops in the summer of 2024.

Check, Please! is a comic about hockey, queer romance, and the frequent baking of pies. In 2020, I posted the last chapter of this comic to very website! If you're new, you can read from the beginning starting here. Or you can buy the book here.

And check out the online store for more Check, Please! merchandise!

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