1: Wake-Up Call

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Posted June 11, 2018 at 5:01 pm

★ Notes on Year 4, Comic 1  - Wake-Up Call â˜…



Welcome to Check Please: Year Four!


☆ ☆ ☆ NOTES ☆ ☆ ☆ 

✓ So, a short blog for a short comic! Y'all know I'm big on circular storytelling and bringing things way back--so why not bring things all the way back? To Bitty's freshman year. Three years ago. Eric Bittle--current captain of SMH--couldn't even get through a single practice without ending up curled into a ball. And you wonder, how many times has Bitty had dreams like this? You know we wstill have no idea why this kid hates checking so much...


✓ WAIT. What time is it? Is this why Jack and Bitty are late to the presser that's about to happen in 3.26?? Jack and Bitty!! ARe very tired!! Leave them alone!!


✓ Wow your art has CHANGED. 2013 vs 2018. YUP.


☆ Next UP. What happened last night? 4.2 - "24 Hour Celly". It drops 6/18.



☆ ☆ ☆ NEWS ☆ ☆ ☆


☆ There is...so much news. My gosh. Please bear with me.


☆ Updates??? Check Please will update on Mondays! Sometime in July I'll take another break,  and we'll probably have hiatuses here and there throughout the year. But! Expect weekly updates for the next few comics! And ask-a-wellies. And extras. Hoorah!


☆ The Check Please Year Three Kickstarter. 10 DAYS LEFT. It's been going well and you guys are SO excited!! Thank for getting this comic funded and more. But oh yeah--long story short--if you back at the $50 tier, you will also get:

- a sticker sheet by Madeline Rupert
- bonus prints by Kickingshoes and Gaby Epstein (and more)
- falconers patch
- falconers pin
- falcs PVC chain
- senor bunny sticker
- sticker of baby jack
- and more!

☆ Conventions This Year! Because Check Please: #Hockey is coming out this year, I'm doing at LOT of traveling. @_@ Guys, some months, I'll be gone for weeks. But for now here are my upcoming conventions.

American Library Association Annual in New Orleans (June)

Anime Expo in Los Angeles (July)

Staple! in Austin (September)

Small Press Expo in Bethesda (September)

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (September)

New York Comic Con (October - not sure about exact dates!)


☆ Surprise--Check Please in bookstores. Hello! If you don't know, Check Please: #Hockey is a book compiling Bitty's freshman and sophomore years! This book drops September 18, 2018 and you can pre-order it here. #Hockey will be in bookstores!



Posted June 29, 2023 at 3:24 pm

Coming in 2024!

BUNT!: Striking Out On Financial Aid (First Second)

BARDA (DC COMICS) (available for pre-order this fall)

Check, Please! might be completed, but I've got two books coming out in 2024!

BUNT! is the story of art students who must win one game of softball in order to get athletic scholarships. It is illustrated by the incredible Mad Rupert and will hit bookshops in February of 2024.

BARDA is the story of a warrior who serves an evil tyrant, who falls in love with a prisoner she was ordered to torture. It will be available for pre-order this fall and hits bookshops in the summer of 2024.

Check, Please! is a comic about hockey, queer romance, and the frequent baking of pies. In 2020, I posted the last chapter of this comic to very website! If you're new, you can read from the beginning starting here. Or you can buy the book here.

And check out the online store for more Check, Please! merchandise!

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